Friday, March 5, 2010

Sonia Marie, guardian of the cat door

About a year ago, my father (Sonia's Grandpa Spike) installed a cat door into the door that leads to the stairs going down into the basement. The cat litter is down there, and until then, we had just left the door open so that the kitties could come and go as they pleased. It was a bit perilous when babies & toddlers came over to visit, so we knew we had to do something about it before we had a mobile baby. I first became thankful for the cat door when Sonia started moving all over the place while in her Mini Cooper walker toy. More than once, I have seen her banging the walker into the door, and I have called my father to thank him for his handyman skills!

Now that she's crawling, Sonia has recently discovered the cat door, and she crawls over to it to peer down into the basement. Sometimes, one or both cats will be stranded on the stairs, waiting for Sosi to move so they can get by. Yesterday (right after she tore off the "Play Like a Champion Today" sign that was stuck over the cat door-- ARGH!), she held both cats hostage for a good 5 minutes while she yelled random babble down at them.

Sonia: "Hey! Mom! Margie's getting out! Should I stop her?"

Bobo: "Hey! Ya wanna move it, sister?"

(captions courtesy of Grandpa Spike)

In other Sonia news, she has started scraping her bottom and top teeth together, most likely in an attempt to drive me insane. That noise might be worse than nails on a chalkboard.... I hear that almost every baby does it and she'll stop doing it soon, but that's little comfort when she's grinding away. ACK!!!

Also, Sonia thinks the dishwasher is hilarious.


Stephanie P said...


Niki said...

I can't wait until she starts throwing things through the door and down the stairs... ; )

Niki said...

And WHY is the dishwasher always a favorite of every baby? It drives me nuts. And I hate to tell you that it doesn't go away any time soon.