Monday, March 22, 2010

Part Two

This is actually "part two" of two different posts: "Why, yes...." and "Sonia Marie, guardian of the cat door". On Saturday, when Sonia managed to get into the cats' water bowl (yes, it says "TUNA BREATH" on it), I happened to have the camera nearby. It's family tradition to capture pictures of babies playing in the cat/dog food & water (bonus points for catching the babies in the act of eating the cat food, right Grandma Jojo?!?). Anyway, Sosini SOAKED herself, needing a complete head-to-toe outfit change afterward.

If you click on that last picture to make it bigger, you can see the trail of water from her hand to the bowl. Please ignore this poor child's forehead bruises.... She's still learning how to pull herself up on stuff without falling and conking her noggin. I feel so terrible!

A little while after her costume change, "Sonia Marie, guardian of the cat door" had a fun surprise when Daddy's head in the doorway appeared instead of a kitty!

In other Sonia news, her right front tooth FINALLY popped out sometime during the night-- this poor child has been in obvious teething discomfort for at least a week. I hope we get a bit of a break before the next tooth comes in!


Joslyne said...

Wait . . . Your mom used to let you and Niki eat cat food? Grandma Jo! Well, I guess you guys turned out OK -- maybe I'll let Zoey munch on some of Boomer's food.

The Lease Family said...

Wahahaha! I love the second picture of 'daddy in the cat door'. It looks like Sonia is saying 'oh my!'. lol!

Rose played a few time in the cat water in our bathroom a few times and just splashed around. It was cute. Then she dumped the whole bowl. I forgot to mention it to Steve and the next morning she did it again with him. lol! Apparently it was way too fun the first time. :)