Monday, January 17, 2011


Me: "Sonia, did you eat all the grapes in that little bowl you were carrying around?"

Sonia: (blank stare)

Me: "Sonia, how did all those grapes get into the cupboard of your kitchen?"

Sonia: (blink.... blink...)

Ohhhhhh, Sonia..... Well, we're definitely going to continue to strap you in while you eat meals!


Niki said...

SONIA!!! What a little twerp. Nice how the last photo is actually of Sonia NOT strapped in to her booster seat. ; )

JLo said...

LOVE the bow. And dude - she's cleaning up! OK putting grapes away isn't exactly what you had in mind but it's a start!

ErinM said...

Holy cow!!!! I do sometimes forget to strap her into her high chair booster seat thingy. Oops. I'm such a moron for not noticing that in the picture!

I do love how she is beginning to show a teeny tiny understanding of cleaning up....