Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sonia and the boys

Sonia has some of the coolest little friends around, and a lot of them have made guest appearances on this blog. Recently, Sosini has been learning how to pronounce her friends' names, something which I find utterly awesome. So far, she can consistently say Max ("Mac"), Ike, Sami ("Hami"), Ella ("Eyya"), Val ("Wal"), Emma, and Tracy ("Tah-hee"). We're still working on the rest!

Recently, Sonia has had the chance to hang out with Max & Ike quite a bit, much to her delight. "Max" was the very first name she learned to say-- with "Ike" following closely after-- and she asks about them all day long. People who knew me during junior high, high school, and college would not be surprised to find out that it seems my daughter is turning out to be a little boy-crazy.

One day, Ike & Max came over to play, and all three kids bonded over their love of Swiffers and mops. Thanks for cleaning my floor, kids!!

Then, they went cat hunting. Margie is such a good sport! All three kids were being pretty darn gentle with her.... We were so impressed!

Note Bobo in the background of this picture (above and to the left of Sonia's head) thinking, "Please don't notice me.... Please don't notice me.... I'm not the droid you're looking for...."

Even Marge has her limit.... She high-tailed it out of there after a few too many pokes and hugs.

Last week, all three kids were hungry after (and during!) library story time, so we took them out to lunch. While we were waiting for our food, Max, Sonia, & Ike played some Golden Tee. Sonia was sporting a cute little lavender fleece jumper handed down to her by her good buddy, Sophie.... Love it!

Sonia loves her little boy friends!

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