Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sonia and her Murray buddies

The Murrays came over for a fun chili dinner this past weekend, and as usual, hilarity ensued....

Sonia had so much fun with Aidan, Sophie, and Kieran! She is definitely getting more and more comfortable with hanging out with older kids.... Once her initial bout of shyness passed, Sonia spent the rest of the afternoon & evening chasing the Murray kids around and laughing hysterically. I loved watching Sophie and Aidan attempt to carry Sonia around-- it wasn't easy, because Sosini is not much smaller than them! But all the parties involved thought it was high comedy. Another highlight of the evening was the drumming exhibition that Andrew put on in the basement.... At one point, Sonia was standing on Andrew's snare drum, dancing. Oh, my. We love you, Murray family!

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