Sunday, January 2, 2011

A very toddler Christmas, part 5 (the finale)

Still on Christmas Day, later in the afternoon, Andrew and Corey took the girls outside to play in the snow. It took approximately 5 hours to get Sonia and Charlotte dressed in all of their snow gear, and 5 seconds for Corey & Andrew to get dressed in theirs.

Sonia: "All right, Dada! I'm ready to go out in the snow and then whine that I want to come right back inside!"

The crew had a nice little romp in the snow, but a lot of the time was spent adjusting and readjusting snow gear!

Those darn mittens....

Sonia even roped Uncle Corey into helping her get her mittens back on!

After they came back inside to warm up by the fire, Uncle Corey and the three kids had some fun play time.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to the Stringers the very next day, and we didn't take too many pictures before my parents and brother left the day after that. Some of the highlights of that last day included a cleaning party (thank you SO much for helping us, Mom, Dad, & Jordan!), my father installing an electrical outlet in our cleaning closet so I could charge my brand-new dustbuster, and going to Five Guys for dinner (YUM!!!!!).

So there you have it-- five installments chronicling the Very Toddler Christmas of 2010. We had a fabulous time, and we loved having everyone at our house to celebrate this year!

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Joslyne said...

Yeah, THOSE DARN MITTENS. trying to keep a toddler in mittens at all, let alone with their thumb in the right place is soul breaking. Soul breaking I tell you! GAH!!! Love seeing all these pics though. :)