Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sonia and her love of footwear

I am hiding my credit cards..... I'm worried that Sonia is going to hop in her little red wagon and make her way to DSW to buy out the whole store. Girlfriend LOVES shoes! Emma made the fatal error of wearing some pretty cool boots over to our house the other day.... The Great Sosini highjacked the boots and took off. She could walk in them surprisingly well!

Note the bow in Sonia's hair.... I was able to clip one in, and Sonia instantly loved it. She kept looking in the mirror and saying "pretty! pretty!". When the bow fell out at one point, she brought it over to me and asked me to put it back in. Good girl!


JLo said...

I don't really know why but those boots make her look so grown up!

Ali said...

That is SO FUNNY! The monkey backpack really makes the look, I think.