Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Up until today, Sonia had never had a real hair cut....  I had trimmed the back of her hair a couple of times in an attempt to avoid a mullet situation (so cruel how some baby/toddler hair grows in!), but the front and sides had never been touched.  In the past 3 months, Sosini's hair has grown a lot, and it was looking quite ratty at the ends.  Time to call in the professionals!

I knew I wanted to hold Sonia on my lap, and that would leave no one to take pictures (Andrew was at work), so I begged the fabulous Emma to meet us at the Hair Cuttery to act as the photographer.  Thank you so much, Emma!!

While waiting for her turn in the chair, Sonia was quite suspicious of what was about to happen.  But Emma was able to coax a tiny smile out of her while we were taking "before" pictures.

Look at this fabulous mullet!

Let the haircut begin!  Penguin cape + sucker + sitting on Mommy's lap = happy toddler.

And, voila!  We have an official haircut!  Too bad the sides of her hair are still too thin to make it look more exciting than this, but it looks loads better.

My new favorite picture:

One of these days, Sosi will start looking more like me, right?  Right?  Maybe not.  Oh well.

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Jennifer said...

Well you both look adorable, that counts right?