Monday, August 22, 2011

Random pictures and thoughts

Look!  Sonia let me to put pigtails in her hair!  Speaking of the kid's hair, she desperately needs a haircut-- not to make it shorter, but to make it look less like rats have been nibbling at the ends.

Sonia and Sami participated in some more hand-holding cuteness with their new buddy, Adalberto, last week!

Sonia's new favorite thing is to take showers.  At age 2!  Weird kid.  After I turn off the water, she lays on the floor of the shower for a long time until she finally gets bored and lets me dry her off.  I haven't given her a bath in several weeks, and I don't miss it.  Showers are much easier!

The Great Sosini's other new favorite thing is to play in the trunk of Daddy's car.  She begged me to get in with her, and then we closed and opened the trunk several times.  Toddlers are so bizarre!

Sonia's new 15-year-old babysitter is closer in age to Sonia than to me & Andrew.  Realizing that made me feel older than I have any right to feel at age 34!

The other day, Sosini was wandering around the kitchen, eating a banana, when she tripped and accidentally stuck the banana in her eye.  My first thought was that I was glad she wasn't carrying something more nefarious than a piece of fruit, and then my next thought was that life with a toddler in the house is a lot like an episode of Looney Tunes.

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Jennifer said...

Love the pigtails!