Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Making friends at the zoo

This past Sunday, we took advantage of the idyllic weather (high 70's, no humidity, partly cloudy) to take The Great Sosini to the Brookfield Zoo to visit a few animals.  We had fun taking advantage of all the silly photo ops around the zoo.

There's something a little "Frank the bunny" (from Donnie Darko) about this kangaroo, but Sonia thought it was hilarious hanging out in her pouch!

Sosi was pretending this turtle was Crush from "Finding Nemo".

Hey, ma-- this fish says I should climb in his mouth to play.  Do you think he'll eat me?

Mr. Fishy, don't you go eating me, now!

Help!  I think I'm being digested!

Sonia loves big frogs!

She would not stop hugging this handsome froggy....

Sosini loves the zoo!!

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