Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adventures in haircuttery

The Great Sosini's hair was once again heading down the dangerous road toward a mullet, so we decided it was time to chop a bit more of the back and give the sides a chance to catch up.  For fun, I ponied up the couple of extra dollars to take Sosi to a fun kids' hair salon.  The hair stylist took one look at Sonia's pink shirt, figured that she had a girly-girl on her hands, and led us over to this super-cute pink car.

My strategy with Sonia's hair is to avoid cutting bangs until her actual bangs grow to her eyebrows.  The hair that hangs over her forehead right now is the hair that, once it's long and heavy enough, will be hair that hangs down the sides.  If we cut it into bangs, then Sonia's going to have that problem where her bangs start at the back of her head.  Luckily, Sosini's real bangs are actually starting to grow (they're 1/2 inch long now).

Here's another "before" picture....

Sonia was looking around the salon and suddenly, she pointed to this cool black flamed-out car.  "Can I sit in DAT ONE?!" she asked, excitedly.  She thought the flame car was way cooler than the girly pink car.  That's our Sonia!  I'm sure Uncle Corey and cousin Peter, who both own flamed-out shoes, will be proud when they hear this story.

For fun, the hairdresser put a cute little pigtail in Sosini's hair.

Sonia was vaguely interested in The Little Mermaid, the movie that was playing on the TV by the flamed-out car, but when we needed her to look down during part of the haircut, only a Lightning McQueen Matchbox car could hold her attention.


Sosini's hair is almost to the point of being cut in an actual hairstyle!  So exciting.  Andrew and I both have fairly thick hair, so one day, we're going to look back at this time period in amusement.  For now, I'm just enjoying not having to worry too much about Sonia's hair on a daily basis.  It dries very quickly, looks pretty much the same every day, and never gets tangled.  We love our little hair-challenged beauty!

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