Monday, November 14, 2011

Re-imagined Fashion

My fabulous second cousin (first cousin once removed? she's my mom's first cousin's wife....), Susan, knitted this fabulously beautiful maroon sweater for The Great Sosini when she was just a wee little baby.  One of the times Sonia wore it was the day I took her to meet Santa Claus the first time

Fashion has taken a turn for the awesome with the popularity of cute cropped sweaters and sleeves that are shorter than the sleeves on the shirts worn underneath.  When I realized that the body of the sweater still fits Sonia (thanks to the style and stretchiness of the sweater), I put together this outfit:

Sosini looks pretty darn trendy, in my opinion!

I'm sure when Susan knitted this sweater, she had no idea Sonia would still be wearing it two whole years later!  Thank you again for this wonderful gift, Susan....  Handmade gifts are so special, and when they are as exquisite as this sweater, they are simply priceless.


Andrew said...

I love Fat Sonia!

Auntie JLo said...

Yay for Sosi shopping her closet! And it looks great with the white underneath.