Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is Halloween

We just had the most fabulous week....  Sonia's Grandma JoJo and Grandpa Spike were visiting, and though the time was packed with wall-to-wall activities, we had a ridiculous amount of fun.  I have a billion pictures to wade through and post here on the blog, but first, I wanted to do a quick Halloween post.

The ND football wookie, the dressed-down nun, and the panda cat:

Even though this is the first time Sonia has seen Andrew dressed in his Chewbacca costume, she wasn't scared or freaked out at all.

Sonia took to trick-or-treating like a duck to water.  Strangers want to give me candy?  WOOT!

Got any chocolate in there for me?

Sosini loved having her Grandpa Spike help her learn the trick-or-treating ropes!  Grandma JoJo joined us later, but I sadly failed to get a picture of her with the kitty cat.

While we were trick-or-treating, Grandma JoJo carved our pumpkin.  Love it!!

More pictures and stories from the visit to come....

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