Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blast off!

Two weeks ago, the parents of the kids in Sonia's Stepping Stones class received a request for giant cardboard boxes.  Coincidentally, Andrew and I had just bought some new deck furniture which came in a giant cardboard box.  It was a tiny bit beat up, but Sonia's teacher said it would work perfectly, so she came by our house to pick it up.  Sosini thought it was HILARIOUS when Miss Eileen was here....  Seeing a teacher outside of the classroom is always an event!

Anyway, it turns out that Miss Eileen had the kids help her turn the box into a rocket ship!  She put a small chair inside, and the kids took turns going inside to experience blasting off (which, apparently, consisted of the teachers shaking the box and making rocket noises).  All three Stepping Stones classes are taking turns decorating the box with their artwork (Sonia's artwork is the green sheet of paper just above her head in the picture below) and becoming astronauts.

Miss Kelley told me that Sonia got to put the "wings" on the rocket ship (sliding cardboard tubes through holes in the sides), and she was incredibly excited about it, grinning and carrying the wings all over the classroom.  So fun!!  Unfortunately, I hadn't brought my purse into the classroom with me, so the picture above was taken with my cell phone camera.  But, you get the idea of how cute this whole activity was...  Hurray for creative preschool teachers!

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