Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It's that time again....  Daffodils at the arboretum!

Unfortunately, the yellow daffodils are just about done (up until today, every time we planned to go take pictures, weather kept foiling our plans), but the white ones looked pretty!

Yes, I know she's hugging an old metal stake, but I thought she looked too cute in this next picture!

Sosini is looking so grown-up to me these days....  A lot of it has to do with her hair finally growing in!  Here is one of last year's daffodil pictures:

Whoa! Who is that almost-2-year-old?  Here's a picture from 2 years ago:

Who is that little hair-challenged beauty?!?

I love these daffodil pictures....  And I love the Morton Arboretum!

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