Monday, April 16, 2012

Random April fun

10 months ago, my sister got me the most hilarious crocheted cats picture/pattern book (Amineko, which is Japanese for "crochet cat").  After Sonia and I happily read the book together all that time, I finally got off my booty and crocheted Sonia an amineko!  She loved it so much that the first thing she said was, "Can you make me another one?"  Sheesh, child!  Gimme a chance to rest my sore fingers!  A few minutes later, I walked into the room to find this scene:

Sonia and I immediately introduced Amineko to the book from whence she came:

Here are a couple of pictures of Shutterbug Sosini in action:

On Easter Sunday, we got the rare chance to spend some quality time with one of Andrew's childhood friends, Zahir.  He lives in Houston now, so we don't get to see him all that much....  That is a tragedy, because he is so much fun!  Sonia thinks Zahir rules, partially because he's a nice guy and partially because he brought her an awesome dinosaur toy.  While Zahir was here, Andrew cooked us all some hamburgers and hard-boiled a bunch of eggs.  I realized I had forgotten to buy egg dye, so we decided to decorate our Easter eggs with random stuff we had on hand.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the finished products, but suffice to say, they were a bit odd-looking.

Zahir took this great picture of us....  We really do need to remember to take more family portraits!

After Zahir had to leave to head back home, we got together with a bunch of neighbors to hunt for Easter eggs.  Sonia had a great time!

We love that strawberry dress!  I'm amazed that it still fits, because my mom bought it for Sonia last July!

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