Sunday, April 29, 2012

Instant friends

This past Friday night, Sonia and I ventured into the city to meet up with Andrew and have dinner with one of our college friends (Marina), her husband (Alvaro), and their kids (Cecelia and Rafael).  It was really nice catching up with Marina and getting to know Alvaro a little better, but the best part was watching 4-year-old Cecelia and almost-3-year-old Sonia become immediate best buddies.

First, they colored and played with stickers while we waited for our food.

After the kids finished eating, we adults continued eating and talking, and suddenly, the girls were playing under the table.

Rafael was too busy vrooming cars and looking really adorable!

After dinner, Sonia and Cecelia wanted to run around screwy-louie, so we let them run up and down Cedar Street for a bit while Rafael chilled in the stroller.  When we told the girls it was time to say goodbye, they gave each other big hugs.

It was so nice seeing you, Marina!  Your family is awesome and we really wish that Seattle was much closer to Chicago.  Hopefully we'll get to see you again sooner rather than later....

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