Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shutterbug Sosini

After having at least 8,000,000 pictures taken of her and seeing videos of her cousin taking pictures with a cool pink camera, Sonia recently decided that it was her turn to get behind the camera.  I finally gave in to her begging & pleading and let Sonia wander around the house with my small point-and-shoot camera (which I normally carry in my purse).  I taught her how to use the camera and to handle it with care (threatening that if she mistreated the camera I would take it away instantly), then let her loose.  Oh... my... goodness....  The child was in HEAVEN.  She has a complete blast taking pictures of everything-- cats, toys, furniture, herself, the guys working on our deck, my butt....  When I downloaded the pictures to the computer last night and viewed all 442 of them (holy cow, no wonder I had to charge the camera battery afterward!), I laughed harder than I have in a long time.  Seeing the world through a toddler's camera lens is highly amusing.  Here are a few highlights from her very first "roll" of pictures (thank goodness for digital cameras that don't use expensive film!!).

While she was learning how to press the camera's picture-taking button effectively, she took a LOT of pictures like this one-- you can see a bit of her belly, her feet, and the camera's wrist strap.

Sonia: "Hmmm.... I wonder what happens when I look at the lens while I press the button?  ACK-- that flash is bright!" (Not sure why the blog program uploaded this picture sideways, but oh well.)

When I showed her the cake pops that I had decorated after she went to bed the previous evening, she wanted to take a picture of one of them.

Again, I'm not sure why the blog program uploaded this picture sideways, but it looks even artsier that way.

I forgot she was still holding the camera when I let her watch an episode of her beloved Busytown Mysteries.  She took about 30 pictures of the TV screen and managed to capture images of the whole mystery-solving gang.

Sosini was fascinated by the 3 workmen who were at our house all day, replacing the skyward facing parts of our wood decks with composite.  She took this picture of the very beginning of the lower deck's demolition.

Yes, this is not the most flattering picture of me, but I find it fascinating for 2 reasons: 1) You never think about what you look like to someone who is significantly shorter than you, and 2) It reminds me that I multi-task a lot-- brushing my teeth while checking my cell phone's voice mail, in this instance.

Sosini liked capturing the kitties through her camera lens.

She took a ton of pictures in the mirror.  I like this one because you can see me in the background, checking on the progress of the rooftop deck off of our master bedroom.

LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think this one was in the mirror, but I'm not sure.  Look at those baby blues!

Drooping piggy tails....

I love this picture of Andrew....

Sonia took a bunch more pictures today, but I haven't looked at them yet.  I can imagine the insanity that awaits me on that SD card....

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Jennifer said...

Omg those are awesome! Also your cake pops are amazing...