Sunday, June 17, 2012

And still more from Shutterbug Sosini

Lucky Sonia received an awesome kid camera for her birthday from my parents: the Vtech Kidizoom Plus.  I was SO relieved-- now Sonia can take pictures without me constantly worrying that she's going to break my camera.  The quality of pictures taken with Sonia's kid camera is nowhere near as good as with my point-and-shoot, but she doesn't seem to care!  In fact, every time I try to sit her down at the computer to look at the pictures she has taken, she gets bored and asks to watch Simon's Cat videos.  Anyway, here are some of the cool pictures she has taken on her peacock blue camera.

Very first picture with the new camera: an unshowered mommy

The camera comes with some funny graphics that you can add to the pictures:

Outdoor pictures look pretty darn awesome....  Sosini took this picture of Max driving his beloved gator:

I LOVE this picture that Sosi took of her great-grandfather!

American Gothic?

I love this picture of my grandfather and me!

I found one picture that Sonia took during Ali's birthday celebration...  This was one ridiculously awesome chocolate birthday cake!

Ikey was the subject of many pictures she took on the way to the Museum of Science & Industry.

Sonia's bestest little buddy, Aanya, took these next two pictures.

Sonia took this one at the arboretum the other day.  I love that you can see her camera reflected in the lens of mine!

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