Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Museum of Science and Industry

On my birthday, Emma & I schlepped Ike and Sonia all the way downtown to the Museum of Science and Industry.  We had SUCH a blast....  Yes, most of the exhibits are figuratively and literally over the kids' heads, but they absolutely loved everything. 

BAD PHOTOGRAPHY WARNING: I was too lazy to drag the digital SLR all over the museum, so I used our little point-and-shoot camera, which had no love for the dim museum lighting.  Sorry in advance about the poor picture quality.

The Pioneer Zephyr reminded the kids of one of the engines from the Thomas universe (Spencer), so they lost their minds when they saw it.

The whole trains and plains section was a huge hit with the kids, and we hit it several times during the 4.5 hours we were at the museum.

Baby chicks!  Ikey and Sosini loved watching these little peepers hopping around.

The Mythbusters exhibit was so much fun!  Here, Sonia was trying to see how fast she could get dressed into a superhero costume in a telephone booth.  Super Sillious!

Ike, would you like to try dodging a bullet?

Whoa-- my camera actually snapped the picture fast enough to capture Sonia's smile!  Stupid museum lighting.


We absolutely loved the U-505 submarine....  It was breathtaking to walk into the room and suddenly be nose-to-nose with an actual German submarine (the only one in the whole United States!).  I wish the kids were old enough and patient enough to take the 30 minute tour....  Ever since my brother served on a submarine in the US Navy, I have had a special place in my heart for those amazing boats.

Flying somewhere?  Nope, just hanging out on the full-sized United Airlines airplane that thrilled the kids to no end.  We had to go back several times during our visit!

Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday, Sosini, Emma, and Ikey!  We had a great time....

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