Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy birthday to MEEEEEEE!

This past week, I've been having a great time playing with two of my birthday presents.

Scooter!  I have now officially been inducted into the neighborhood scooter gang.

Andrew's parents got me a mini pie maker!  I've made two batches of teeny-weeny cherry pies, and MAN are they tasty!  So much fun to bake, too.

Thank you so much for my pie maker, Dick and Jenni!  I can't wait to keep experimenting with it.  Andrew has requested mini-quiches next....

Sonia and Andrew helped me celebrate my birthday with a yummy angel food cake (which is the traditional birthday cake my sister and I always have).  We got lazy and bought it at Jewel, but that's because the Jewel angel food cakes are so good!

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