Monday, June 11, 2012


The day before my birthday, Andrew, Sonia, and I all trekked to the Brookfield Zoo to check out their new temporary exhibit, Xtreme Bugs!  Sosi thought it was pretty funny....  I loved being able to see details on bugs that you normally can't see when they are their real tiny sizes.  This lady bug is my favorite!

Someone had a really fun time making amusing "street signs".

Sonia was being silly in this picture, pretending that the yellow jacket was going to steal her snacks.


I'm annoyed this picture is out of focus, because the look on her face is SO typical for our wacko Sosini....

Right as we were leaving the zoo, we ran into this scene....  I swear, this peacock knew he was creating a photo op by posing next to these beautiful flowers!

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