Sunday, June 3, 2012

Idyllic visit to the arboretum

Last week, we had the most lovely play date at the arboretum....  First, we headed to Zach's tree.

Then, the kids did their best to catch poison ivy whilst playing in the bushes and trees.

I took this picture of Sonia as she was heading back down the path toward Zach's tree.  I really need to blow it up and frame it!  Zach's tree is the really tall one just slightly to the right of the center of the picture (with its top cut off).

Hugging Zach's tree!

More shenanigans!

Little kids + stuff to throw in a lake + lake = FUN!

Sonia bemoaned the fact that no one was holding her hand, and suddenly she had boys fighting over the privilege.  Oh, my....

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