Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ballerina girl

I am seriously behind on blogging about Sonia's adventures....  A visit to Fort Wayne in June got completely missed, two fun playdates with former ND band members' kids need attention, and Sonia and I just took a fun trip to Michigan to visit her beloved cousins and check out their new house.  But first, I MUST post these pictures of my little dancer.

Yeah, yeah-- I know what you're thinking.  OVER-SCHEDULED!!! Sonia is now in preschool, playgroup (although now we're down to meeting once a week), gymnastics, library story time, AND dance class.  But trust me-- she is begging to go to all of these events, and now that she doesn't nap anymore, we have a lot of time in the day to fill.  Sonia and I both get a little stir-crazy if we stay around the house too long.  Speaking of crazy....

Girlfriend loves to dance!  I signed her up for the park district dance program, and today was her first class.  Given Sonia's uneven track record with doing activities "all by herself" (the pre-preschool Stepping Stones program, gymnastics, and this new year of preschool), I wasn't sure how she would do.  Parents aren't allowed inside the dance studio (we're too disruptive!), but for the first day, the teacher left the door open and let us peek inside. The class started out with the kids in a circle, introducing themselves to the teacher and the other students.  Sonia barely spoke when the teacher asked her name, and she looked like she might refuse to participate.  But, there was one other little little girl who was crying and sitting at the side of the room in her dad's lap, so I silently congratulated Sonia on being brave enough to at least sit with the rest of the class.  The next time I peeked in, she was standing in a line with the other kids, not doing the movements.  Argh, I thought. The tears are coming soon.  Then, the next time I peeked in, I saw this:

SONIA WAS PARTICIPATING!!!!!! She was totally nailing everything the teacher asked them to do!  In case you can't tell which one she is in the poor-quality picture that I hurriedly snapped with my cell phone, she is the third kid from the left.  (And, yes, there is a BOY in her class.  Hurray!  So cool....)  As far as I could tell from what I saw during occasional quick peeks, Sonia did awesome and kicked some serious booty.  The class is 2/3rds ballet and 1/3rd tap, and even though we don't have her tap shoes yet, she kicked yet more booty in the tap portion.  Here's an extremely low-quality video that I took on my phone (Sonia is the kid with her back to the camera, just to the teacher's left):

Seriously adorable.  After the 45 minute class was over, she came running out of the studio beaming.  "Why do I only take 1 class, Mommy?" she asked.  Huh?  After I questioned her a bit, I realized she wanted to stay and do her dance class all over again.  Apparently, 45 minutes is not enough dance for this little twinkle toes.  She got very sad and said she wanted to stay to dance some more when I told her it was time to leave, so we had to compromise by going outside and having her show me some of the moves she had learned.  What a nutter butter!!!!!

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