Saturday, September 29, 2012

Labor Day weekend fun

Sheesh, I'm ridiculously behind in posting about Sonia's adventures....  No excuses this time.  Sheer laziness. Oh well!

This year, we got to see a bunch of ND friends during Labor Day weekend.  The first get-together was with the Mullens (both ND Band clarinets), who recently moved back from the DC area to a house that is about 3 miles away from us.  THREE MILES!!  So awesome.  Since they moved away from Chicagoland, they have added 2 handsome little boys to their family and now they have another little boy on the way.  So many potential future husbands for Sonia!!  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take any pictures, which is horribly tragic because Sonia and James, the oldest Mullen boy, became best friends within about 30 seconds and proceeded to run around screwy-louie for several hours.  We're so excited that the Mullen family lives so close...  The western suburbs rule!!

The next day, Emily Borlik came over to hang out.  Sonia loves Emily!!!  We played inside and out, drawing with chalk on the driveway and scootering around the neighborhood.  Emily was recovering from being the maid of honor in a wedding the night before, so I promised not to post any pictures (though she looked perfectly beautiful as always) on the blog.

That same day, we got to see Tim and Jack Schank, too!  We hadn't been able to see Jack since before he got sick about 2 years ago (right after he turned 1 year old) and received a liver transplant (donated from Tim!).  It was so wonderful to see them, and Jack and Sonia became fast friends.  They both love Cars and Dinosaur Train, and they wasted no time getting right down to some serious fun.

It didn't take long to do some crazy chasing and giggling, too!

Tim & Andrew built the kids an epic fort in the basement using couch cushions and blankets.

Playing on the Island of Sodor!


Sir Topham Jack, the Sodor train line overlord


Back to the trains....

We also failed to take a picture during the lovely Labor Day barbecue we had with the Rieths, so you'll just have to imagine Sonia and Ikey splashing in her inflatable pool and playing with Sonia's resin animals. Suffice to say, we had a great time during the whole weekend!

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Mary Jo said...

We have to do it again! We had so much fun!