Thursday, September 6, 2012

Preschool begins

After doing so well in her "pre-preschool" Stepping Stones program this past winter and spring, Sosini was very excited to go to orientation for "3's preschool" at Gentle Learning Preschool.

She had a blast during orientation, checking out her new classroom and smiling shyly at her new teacher and teacher's aide.  In fact, after the half-hour orientation, she begged me to let us stay in the classroom for longer.  The bin of dinosaurs was just too much fun to leave behind!

But, on the morning of her first real day of preschool earlier this week, she got cold feet.  "I don't want to go to preschool, Mommy," she said.  "I want to go to the park."  Uh-oh....  I started having flashbacks to the 4-6 weeks that it took Sonia to get used to Stepping Stones.  But, once I started reminding Sonia of all the fun toys in the classroom, the fun activities that the teacher has planned, the fabulous new playground that the park district built for the preschool, and all the friends that she will make, she changed her mind about going.  By the time we got to her school, she was downright giddy, and we had a fun time taking our "first day of school" pictures.

Happy preschooler!

She LOVES her Lightning McQueen backpack.

How cute is the back of this shirt?!?

Let's get a little nutty!

She kept climbing this little hill and then running toward me, telling me to take pictures of her.  These next two pictures remind me of Laura Ingalls happily galloping down a hill during either the opening or closing credits of the TV show "Little House on the Prarie".

Sweetie bug!

My little girl (who still looks nothing like me but looks exactly like her father):

Check out that seriously awesome haircut!  Anyone who lives at all near Kids Cuts (located on the far west side of Downers Grove) should take their child to get his/her hair cut by Miss Kateri.  She is a magician!

Away she goes!

Big girl!

You can't read it very well, but the monkey by her left shoulder says "Sonia".

The parents were allowed in the classroom for about 5 minutes to take a few pictures and give goodbye hugs.  When it was time for me to go, Sonia gave me hugs & kisses, waved happily, and turned right back to her playdough.  Yay!!!!

After school, my friend, Tracy, and I took our big kids to Granny's for a celebratory lunch.  Max also had his first day of preschool that morning, and he did awesome, too!  It was very sweet to share this milestone with Tracy & Max....  Almost 3 years ago (November 2009), when Sonia and I were finally ready to climb out of our self-imposed isolation (it took me over 5 months after Sonia's birth to feel ready to re-join the outside world), Tracy & Max were the first new friends that we made.  I clearly remember that very first story time at the Lisle Library, spotting the other baby in the room who looked about Sonia's age and somehow finding the nerve to introduce myself to his mother.  Tracy and Max (who is just 1 day older than Sonia) have been our buddies ever since.... and those little 6-month-old infants are now three-year-old preschoolers!

Such nutter butters....

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