Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fort Wayne trip, part 1

It is tragic that I have not yet posted about our fun trip to Fort Wayne in June....  Time to right that wrong!

The day after the cousin convention ended, my mom, Sonia, and I took off for a short little visit with our good friends, the Lowes.  The Hornbaker/Lowes have been friends with the Scotts/Evanses/Malahowskis/Stringers for 4 generations now.  It all started when my maternal grandparents (Meem & Pop) started hanging out with Rosalind & Gayle back in the 1950's, and it has continued unbroken since then.  Seriously, these people are more like family than friends.  I refer to Kevin & Ryan as my "pseudo-cousins" and their parents as "Auntie Sue and Uncle Greg".

This June trip to Fort Wayne cemented the friendship between two of the members of the 4th generation (Sonia and Anthony), and Sonia decided that Greg and Sue are the coolest people with the coolest doggy.  Sonia had last seen Sue two summers before, so there was no way she remembered her, but within 5 minutes of arriving at the Lowe house, Sonia disappeared with Sue into the family room to play with cars, leaving my mom and me to unpack in peace.  That is highly unusual for my stranger-danger/separation anxiety-ridden little girl!  She could tell right away that Sue is an experienced grandma (who has cool toys).  And, when Greg got home from work, Sosini warmed to him instantly.  In fact, he was the one who snapped this crazy-awesome picture of The Great Sosini:

Kevin (Sue & Greg's eldest son), Amanda (Kevin's wife), and Anthony (Kevin & Amanda's super-handsome son) came over for dinner that night, and Sonia & Anthony wasted no time in getting down to the business of running around screwy-louie.

Nutter butters!  Sadly, I failed to get pictures of Sosi with her other new best friend, Gracie (Sue & Greg's schnoodle).  Suffice to say, Sonia and Gracie had a blast together, and Sonia is still talking about that gorgeous little doggy three months later!

The next morning, we met Amanda and Anthony at the coolest park I have ever seen.

And this is only half of the park!  It is seriously awesome.  If anyone ever needs to know about an awesome park in Fort Wayne, Indiana, let me know and I will point you toward this one (after I consult with Amanda because I can't for the life of me remember the park's name).

More park shenanigans:

Sue and Sonia are bestest buddies!

Still more to come....

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