Saturday, December 15, 2012

Arboretum 5k & Kids Dash

Back in September, Andrew & I ran in our second Morton Arboretum Fall Color 5k with Sonia.  She loved it last year, so in 2012, we recruited some of our playgroup friends to do it, too!

All bundled up on our way to the start of the race....  Don't worry, we fixed the blanket before we started.

Getting ready to run....

Just like last year, Sonia had a blast being pushed by Mommy & Daddy in the 5k.  She kept saying, "Go faster!  Go faster!"  Oh, Sosini.

This year, we decided that she was old enough to participate in the 3-5 year old division of the Kids' Dash, which happens right after the 5k.  She met up with her buddies Max, Noel, Nora, and Evan to warm up before the race.

And they're off!  I think the course was only about 50 yards, or something like that.  It was so crowded that it was impossible to get good pictures.

I put a circle around Sonia's friend Max (whom I could see pretty well due to his Captain America hat) in this next picture:

I was able to pick out Sonia and Max in this next picture (I put an oval around them):

The Mischief Makers racers: Evan, Max, and Sonia!

I love that each kid had bib #1.  Ha!!

Sonia has been bragging about running the "Kid Dash" for over 2 months now....  I think that means she wants to do it again next year!!

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