Monday, December 17, 2012

Sara & Maritza visit (part 1)

Our old friends, Maritza & Sara, came to visit back in October, and we had such a wonderful time....  I think we took about 800 pictures (probably not much of an exaggeration).

Their visit coincided with my mom's visit (this was the week after our Indiana trip), and we had a fun time all going to the library for story time.  Maritza, Sara, Sonia, and I all used to visit the Lisle Library pretty frequently when they still lived there, so it was fun to be there, hanging out in the Youth Services department just like old times.

After story time, we headed downstairs to do a craft (love the hand-holding).


We had a bit of time to kill before lunch, so we went to the arboretum to visit Zach's tree.

Next, we met up with Toni and Sami at Jason's Deli.  The girls acted like they had never been apart!

FREE ICE CREAM!  We love Jason's Deli...

After lunch, we headed to Cafe N Play, where the girls had a fantastic time playing dress up and engaging in many other shenanigans.

To be continued....

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