Friday, December 21, 2012

Sara & Maritza visit (part 3)

When Maritza had to fly back to CA and Sara stayed in IL for a while (staying with her daddy, who was working here for a few months), we invited Sara to spend a couple of days at our house.  I didn't take a ton of pictures of the fun we had just hanging around the house, but I did snap a few during the Halloween party playgroup play date that we hosted.

Sara borrowed a Minnie Mouse costume from Sonia's BFF, Aanya (thank you!!!).  I love this picture of Sara Mouse, Princess Johanna, and Catwoman Sonia posing in their costumes....

Tracy made cake pop eyeballs, Toni made dirt & gummi worm cupcakes, and Adalie made kettle corn (in bag in the basket).  Coolest playgroup treats EVER!!!!

These girls were seriously addicted to the cake pops....

Later that day, I took Sara for a haircut (to fix some damage she had done with a pair of scissors while she was hanging out with her daddy).  If you look at the picture of Sonia & Sara holding the cake pops, you can see a bit of the Dora the Explorer bangs that Sara attempted to cut herself.  Oh, my!  Our favorite haircutter, Miss Kateri of Kids Cuts, cut Sara some short bangs to try to blend in with the ones Sara cut.  After the haircut, we played at Kingston Park, a place we used to frequent with Sara & Maritza when they lived here.

So cute!!!  Sara really does look great with bangs....

The girls pushed each other on the swings for a really long time.

They were having a contest to see who could be the most photogenic.

I think they went down the slide like this (alternating who was in front each time) at least 50 times.

Tree posing!

Best friends forever....  We miss you so much, Sara and Maritza!

Hopefully some day we'll all live closer.

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