Thursday, December 13, 2012

Indiana Adventures

What's that you say?  I haven't posted on this blog in over 6 weeks?  Poppycock.  You're just imagining it.  But just in case you ARE right, let me catch you up on our adventures of the past couple of months....

At the beginning of October, I packed up The Great Sosini (we had to leave Andrew at home so he could work-- BOO!) and pointed the car south toward Bloomington, Indiana for our second annual "Trip to IU to Visit/Embarrass Abbey and Hang Out with Hoosier Relatives".  Our trip last year was a complete blast, so we decided it needed to be an annual affair.  This year, Corey and Niki organized our trip to coincide with IU's homecoming game against Corey's alma mater, Michigan State!  Perfect, and TONS of fun.  Here are some pictures of the shenanigans in which we engaged....

This year, Abbey's parents (my Aunt Kim and Uncle Jerry) made the trip, too!  LOVE Aunt Kim's hilarious pompon gloves....

The kids loved tailgating....  Food, room to run around like cuckoo birds, hanging around with Grandma JoJo and Grandpa Spike-- what's not to love?!?

I made some IU and MSU cake pops for the occasion.  The kids inspected them first to make sure they chose the yummiest ones to eat.

This is now my official favorite picture of Corey....  The tailgaters next to us happened to be MSU super-fans, and they lent Corey their Spartan gear for a bit.  AWESOME.

Abbey, you are SUCH a goofball....

Sonia brought Lisle Crocodile (the mascot of the Lisle Library) with her to Bloomington, and he seemed to enjoy seeing the band warm up before the game.

Sosini and her beloved Grandpa Spike!

Heading in to the game!

Sonia really enjoyed seeing her very first marching band halftime show....  Fingers crossed that she gets to march in a band herself someday!

The crew (minus Aunt Kim, who was taking this lovely picture).

Sonia got a little restless during the game, so we decided to see if she might like to try some Dippin' Dots.  Predictably, they were a hit.

Sonia loved hanging out with Abbey and one of her BFFs, Opie.  Opie, you are so cool and good with little kids!

After the game, Peter took an epic nap and we changed the girls into their (kind of) matching Hello Kitty shirts to play by the pond behind our adorable little B&B in Nashville, IN.

After a fabulous dinner at the Abe Martin Lodge in Brown County, we took the whole crew (and some more Indiana relatives to came to dinner) on a really fun hayride.

Seriously, Peter, you are HANDSOME!

The hayride crew (minus Niki, who took this picture)....  On the right are Sarah, Ian, Larry, and Debbie, whom we always love to catch up with when we visit Bloomington.

After our fun IU weekend ended, Grandma JoJo, Sonia, & I continued traipsing all over the state of Indiana and visited some more of our awesome relatives on the Williams side of the family (Jordan, Aunt Pat, Bobbie Jo, Stacie, Uncle Bob, Uncle Leo, and Aunt Bev).  We loved seeing you all!!

We also visited Grandma JoJo's childhood friend, Sharon, but we tragically forgot to take any pictures of our lovely visit with her!  Sorry, Sharon....  We'll see you again soon, hopefully!

Such a great Indiana trip....  I love my Hoosier relatives!

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