Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sara & Maritza visit (part 2)

While Sara and Maritza were here in Chicago in October, we had a really lovely time at the Lincoln Park Zoo.


We spent ridiculously long periods of time ogling the monkeys and apes....  So fabulous!

These two monkeys were grooming each other right up against the window, and Sonia and Sara started pretending to groom the monkeys, too.  The monkeys seemed to really like it!

Beauty queens!!

I never get tired of watching my daughter walking hand in hand with her friends....  SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!!

Watching the baby zebra get a snack from its mommy


Slurping water from THE cutest water fountain ever....  It looks just like a watering hole on the savannah.

I am such a huge fan of photo booth pictures!  These two girls crack me up....

We also went with Maritza & Sara to meet up with our friends Toni & Sami, Tracy & Max, and Phil & Sofia at the world's most hilariously awesome farm, Sonny Acres.

From L-R: Tracy, Max, Maritza, Sara, Phil, Sofia, Me, Sonia, Toni, and Sami

They all held hands and looked at the guillotine (and car smashing through a barn) for a long time....

Fabulous ladies! (Thanks for taking this picture, Phil!)

The farn was full of fun photo ops, carnival rides, food, a haunted house, a hayride (with no hay, but hay is itchy anyway!), and of course PUMPKINS everywhere!

Silly girls!

Sonia's very first pony ride!

The kids went bananas over this ride....  They went pretty high in the air, but no one got scared at all!

Ohhhhhh, Sonia Balogna!

Stay tuned for part 3 of our adventures with Sara & Maritza!

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