Sunday, May 17, 2009

At home in Lizzle (fo' shizzle)

Dressed up in her duckie jammies for the journey home!

Erin - is that a hat Grandpa Chuck knitted?

First time in the carseat.

First time in her glider.

Bobo, meet Sonia!

Margie, meet the new girl.

Grandma Jo seems to enjoy feeding little Sosi!

The cheeks are getting chubbier!

Explaining credit default swaps to the little accountant.

Grandpa Spike would do this all day if he could.

I'm sorry - are we boring you?

Don't worry, Sosi! Daddy won't drop you.

See? He's holding on nice and snug.

Grandma Jenni makes a nice bed.


JLo said...

She looks great, I'm so glad to hear she's home.

Ali said...

LOVE that the pics are on the blog-- holy smokes, I might as well make this my home page on the browser already. :)

She is so beautiful-- we can't wait to meet her on the 5th!

ErinM said...

Yes-- Sonia's great-grandpa Chuck knitted that pink cap for her!