Monday, May 18, 2009

Back in action!

Sonia is being such a good girl and is able to sleep for a couple of hours at a stretch in the Pak 'n' Play, and I'm starting to get the hang of this scheduling thing (feeding every 2-3 hours, diaper changes as needed, shower once a day, etc.). So I think I can finally do my first post-birth blog post!

Our little Sosi is perfect. Just perfect. Any fussiness is understandable-- could you imagine going from womb to real world without some crankiness? She is beautiful, healthy, and very snuggly-- everything I could possibly hope for. The worst sleepless night with Sonia is 100 times better than the most peaceful night without her. We love her with all of our hearts, and I'm still pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. After losing Zach last year, we decided we had to press on and give him a sibling, and Sonia is as good a little sister as I could possibly imagine.

My mother is leaving tomorrow, and Andrew & I are going to be so sad without her help, love, and support!! She has the combined talents of:

-- cooking great, healthy food
-- holding the baby while we do essential things like shower, go potty, etc.
-- house cleaner so that we can focus on our lovely Sosi
-- lactation support provider (when you somehow make it through breastfeeding twins, you learn a thing or two)
-- photographer (she has a great eye and a much better camera than we do)
-- best friend

Last night, with her help (she took the first Sonia-soothing shift so we could get 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep), we were able to have a fairly successful night. Sosi slept for a couple of hours at a time (once in the crib with me sleeping on the floor, and once in the cradle in our room), and we woke up in the morning feeling like we were on top of the world!

I love you, Mom. Andrew loves you, too. We are more grateful for your help than we could possibly express!!!!!!


US! said...

Hi Erin! Congratulations and welcome to the blogosphere post-baby Sosi's arrival! She's beautiful! I know exactly how you feel. It's the most wonderful, tiring, crazy time! And it goes quick, so enjoy every second with your little girl!

Niki said...

Mom is the best, isn't she? You're going to be the best mommy ever too -- I just know it!!

Dad/Uncle Corey/Corey said...

You guys are doing great - one day at a time!