Wednesday, May 20, 2009

File this one under "Too Much Information"

If you are at all squeamish about discussing the details of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, or horny/ornery kitty-cats, you'd best ignore the rest of this post's text and just look at the pictures!

Here are some random bit of information for you all to consider:

- I am healing very well and very quickly from childbirth! I stopped taking even Advil a couple of days ago, and I'm pretty mobile. That's good and bad, though-- I need to keep reminding myself to take it easy because while my outsides feel good, my insides are still healing.

- Sonia's cord stump bled a little bit today (on a white onesie, of course!). Dr. Murphy, the pediatrician, said that a bit of bleeding here and there is perfectly normal until the stump falls off, but I still felt absolutely sick about it....

- Lansinoh is a girl's best friend.

- Margie Cat is obsessed with sleeping in Sonia's cradle (the one that my father and grandfather made by hand). We have to put a blanket in it when Miss Sosi isn't using it so that Margie doesn't soil the sheets with her kitty litter-y paws. Don't worry-- neither cat goes near the cradle when Sonia's in it. Anyway, a few nights ago, I was sitting next to the cradle, feeding Sonia, and Margie was snoozing away (you guessed it, in the cradle). The next thing I knew, Bobo Cat jumped in the cradle, mounted Margie, and started humping. I shooed them out, of course, but not before waking up Andrew so he could witness the spectacle! Here's a picture of Margie looking awfully proud of herself for finding such a fun place to sleep:

- Margie Cat is also a nipple bandit. So far, she has stolen two nipple shields (a tool to help with breastfeeding) and the nipple from a bottle. They were all clean at the time-- no milk on them (unless there were small traces that a kitty could smell, I guess). I now know that I can't leave these thing out to dry in the dish drying rack!

- I found a gray eyebrow hair the other night. Parenthood sure does a number on you, and it moves very quickly!

- Sometimes I am schnuggling with Sosi, and she moves against my belly. For a second, I will think that it's her, still in utero, kicking me from the inside. Hee! She also gets the hiccups about twice a day (this is also perfectly normal). I remember her getting the hiccups when she was still in my belly! Here's a picture that we took the day before I had the amnio and checked in to the hospital:

- Sonia is feeding for longer and more effectively-- I don't have to keep poking her, partially undressing her, and otherwise annoying her to keep her from falling too deep asleep during feedings! Unfortunately, though, she is also spitting up more, which makes me feel terrible. Poor kid! Here's a picture of SoBaby getting burped after a feeding-- even though I half-undressed her and was patting her back, she was still totally snoozing. Goofy kid!!

One other thing to note about the picture above is the necklace that I am wearing.... Andrew's mother gave that to Sonia as a birthday gift, but I'm supposed to wear it and keep it safe until Sosi's 21st birthday. It's white gold with diamonds-- isn't it fabulously beautiful? Thank you so much, Jenni!

I suppose that's enough (or "too much") information for now.... I promise to keep the blog a little cleaner in the future.


JLo said...

Gurl pleeze - I have had way worse TMIs from you in the past than this. I had forgotten about the cats stealing the nipples. Sorry about that! I will see what advice I can come up with for the spit-up. I know I have it in me.

Niki said...

I want that necklace!!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Other than Sonia, it's your best accessory!

melissa kell said...

wow - i LOVE that idea for a baby gifr that's really a mom gift! i'm going to steal that and use it some day...

Dad/Uncle Corey/Corey said...

That's a great idea gift by Jenny! Knowing that Mom wore it all those years will make it VERY special to Sosi when her 21st rolls around!

Susan M. Nelson said...

Loving all the details, Erin. (: You are looking great.