Monday, November 9, 2009

Sonia and her potential future boyfriends

This weekend, Sonia hung out with not one... not two... but THREE potential future boyfriends! First, on Saturday, we went with the handsome Cieslak boys to the Brookfield Zoo. Check out Ethan and Sonia sharing the super-cool Radio Flyer wagon:

I sadly failed to get a good picture of Ollie and Sonia together, but I did get this picture of Ollie showing us that he wants to enter a strong man competition when he gets older.

Then, on Sunday, Sonia met another potential future prom date-- li'l Jack Schank! Now, he is a younger man, so we'll have to see if she's into that, but they should at least be in the same grade (depending on when the school cutoffs are-- he was born in August).

Only time will tell whom she will choose.... Other candidates for the job are Aidan & Kieran Murray, James Mullen (whom Sosi will hopefully meet in December!), Kellen Burke (a younger man), and Anthony Lowe (another younger man). For right now, she seems content to hang out in her Mini Cooper with her Grover doll.


Joslyne said...

I want a wagon . . . and i want to chew on Sonia's leg in the last picture!!! And I mean that in the best possible way --- she is just so cutie-wootie scrumptious!!!

Niki said...

I vote for whichever little suitor's career moves him closest to Sonia's Auntie Niki. And I agree. Nomming on Sonia's drumsticks is a must when you guys come for Thanksgiving!!