Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday morning fun

Sonia is continuing her tour of future Notre Dame Band friends.... There has been a baby boom as of late among our Band of the Fighting Irish buddies, and we're hoping that all of these kids will march together in 18 years or so. This morning, Sonia met Nora, daughter of my piccolo-playing friend, Maureen. Nora is just a few weeks younger than Sonia-- in fact, I think their due dates were virtually on the same day. Nora has an older sister with the best name in the world: Erin! Erin is 2 years and a few months old, so she entertained herself while Maureen and I talked a million miles a minute and tried to see if Sonia and Nora would do anything more than lay next to each other (which, of course, they didn't). Gotta love those early play dates! Sonia and I had a great time, and we're excited that the Riecks live so close to us (just about 3 1/2 miles away). The western suburbs of Chicago rule!

Nora loves tummy time, so I tried to see if Sonia would get inspired and have fun on her belly. She lasted longer on her tummy than she normally does!

Sonia seemed to like the fun mat that Nora and Erin have to play on-- I should look into getting something like that for Sonia's play area that we are planning to put together in the basement.

Nora is such a smiley, happy little girl! She looks so much like her daddy, Adam, right now (almost as much as Sonia looks like her own daddy!).

Hee hee!!! They're holding hands!

Sonia really enjoyed Nora's little play center thingy-- unfortunately, I couldn't get her to smile for the camera because she was so completely fascinated by all the colors and shapes.

Hi, Erin!! Whatcha doing? She was trying to cook an egg in the oven in her way-cool play kitchen.

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