Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sonia and Kellen

Sonia loved meeting another potential future boyfriend a few days ago-- handsome li'l Kellen Burke! He is the son of two ND Band members: my class of '99 clarinet buddy, Christy (Veldhuizen) Burke and class of '00 trombone player Andrew Burke. The whole family (including Kellen's older brother, Brandon, and older sister, Kathleen) were in town, visiting Christy's family, so Sosi and I trekked west to Elburn to hang out. The ensuing cuteness was epic. It's funny-- I remember us laughing about how much smaller Kellen is than Sonia when we were there, but in the pictures, they look pretty close to the same size. Huh.

Kellen is a little more than a month younger than Sonia, if I remember correctly. They were both rockin' overalls that day!

Brandon & Kathleen did crafts while the two lovebirds were hanging out on a blanket together.

Sonia, are you getting a little fresh? Kellen doesn't seem to mind....

Sonia loved Kellen's Nuby "Bug-a-Loop"! She cut a tooth not long after this, actually.

Kellen, do you want your bug-a-loop back?

Shoo, paparazzi! Give us some privacy! Kellen and I are holding hands, can't you see?

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