Friday, November 27, 2009


On Thanksgiving Day, Andrew, Sonia, and I packed up the car and drove down to Nashville. We cooked our actual Thanksgiving dinner today (Friday), and by "we", I mean "Andrew with a little help from me & Niki". Corey and I washed about a billion dishes, and Niki did a lot of coordinating and gestating. Niki is now 37 weeks pregnant. Eeeee!!!! I was secretly hoping that perhaps li'l Peter-in-the-belly might make an appearance while we were here, but he seems to be pretty happy to continue cooking a while longer. I did get to feel him kicking and squirming in Niki's tummy, though.

Within a few hours of our arrival, Charlotte roped Uncle Andrew (which she says kind of like "an-joo") into reading her a bunch of stories.

Charbunkle and Sosini have fun playing together (well, Charlotte attempts to show Sonia how to play with all of the toys while Sonia noms on them).

We dressed The Great Sosini up in Charlotte's old Thanksgiving outfit. Hee! She's a little turkey.

Sosi is still a huge fan of crazy Uncle Corey and the silly songs he sings.

Dan and Alicia stopped by to snuggle Sonia and tickle Charlotte.

Tomorrow, Niki and I are leaving Charlotte to hang out with her daddy and her Uncle Drew-Dawg (whoops, "Anjoo") and taking Sonia to Gymboree. Niki wants to see Sonia going bananas over the bubbles and parachute in person! We're also going to try to see Joslyne & Zozo, too. Gotta pack in as much fun as possible-- the next time I come here (in January), I'll be alone (I'm leaving Sosi with Andrew for a couple of days) because I'm coming to help out after li'l PJ is born.


Dan and Alicia said...

FC and I also wondered about an early PJ arrival while you were here, but I guess he knows best. Good to see you!

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had fun!

DW & Steph