Friday, April 2, 2010

Pickle Picnic

I think half of Chicagoland was at the Morton Arboretum yesterday... and we were in that lucky half! Sosini and I met up with Michelle, Audrey, and Jacob Olejnik and had a picnic near Zach's tree. I say "near" and not "at" because the tree still hasn't sprouted leaves yet, so it didn't have much shade to provide. Luckily, there are some pretty evergreens nearby that make a cozy picnic spot (which Jacob decided was a forest).

Michelle loaded up Audrey and Jacob with sandwiches and other yummy food.

Sonia drank a bottle and then happily munched on a dill pickle spear for something like 15 minutes. She looooooves pickles!

Then, after slathering sunscreen all over the kids, the playing commenced!

I'm still not sure how 2 hours passed that quickly.... Thanks for a fun time, Michelle, Jacob, and Audrey!


Julie said...

Look at thoes trees....jealous!! I wonder if most babies like pickles...Ethan loves them. He will crawl over the table to get one off your plate ;0)

Nicki said...

We haven't been there yet this year! It costs a lot, and last year I had a little more money to play around with than I do this year! Have you ever been to the Big Rock? On days when the CHildren's Garden is too crowded, Big Rock is a nice escape! (Its on one of the hiking trails in Morton Arboretum... an easy hike! I did it while pushing a stroller!)