Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday celebration with the Murrays

The day after Sonia's birthday, Carol, Sophie, and Kieran took Sosini and me out to lunch at Granny's (our favorite greasy-spoon diner) to celebrate. Sonia watched Sophie and Kieran the entire time and kicked her little legs happily! She thinks her Murray buddies are the coolest. Afterward, we went to play at the park.

Sophie is a wiz at the monkey bars!

We tried to coordinate with Kieran and go down the side-by-side slides at the same time, but Sonia and I were too slow....

That little Kieran is one handsome dude!

The newly-minted one-year-old thinks slides are cool!

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Niki said...

Kieran's curls are crazy adorable. You're such a lucky Godmommy! Do you think Sophie will teach me how to go across the monkey bars when we come in a couple of weeks?