Friday, May 28, 2010

How Sosini and I spent Zach's birthday

I had a rough few days leading up to Zach's birthday this year-- a bit of sleep deprivation (teething baby), masterful heart string tugging by Lost (when Vincent the dog laid down next to Jack-- AUGH!!!), and of course, the memories of our Zach combined to make me uncharacteristically weepy. So, Sonia and I decided we would have as much fun as possible on Zach's actual birthday (yesterday).

First, we met a bunch of play group friends at the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton. Sosini loved watching the ducks!

She recently mastered drinking out of straws, and she loved that she didn't even have to take this straw sippy cup out of its holder to wet her whistle. Look Ma, no hands!

Sosi got a bit friendly with Evan. Hee hee!

After the zoo, we hung around with Maritza and Sara on the grassy knoll while Killer, the fantastic Maltese, ran around and did his business. Sonia loves to push strollers everywhere!

Lastly, Andrew was able to get home from work in time to take Sonia and me to Zach's tree for a quick visit. We had planned to stay longer than 15 minutes, but the mosquitoes were out of control! I think I lost a pint of blood while we were sitting there.

Got your nose, Daddy!

Zach's tree is in bloom! Just in time for his birthday.

Smooches for Zach's baby sister.

Is that my brother's name? Cool!

I think Sonia and I succeeded in having a very nice day, which we consider to be a fitting tribute.

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The Lease Family said...

That is a wonderful tribute to Zach. Just perfect.