Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A visit from Sosi's aunt, uncle, and cousin

We just had the most fabulous weekend with Andrew's sister, Ali, her husband, Daniel, and their 8 1/2 month old son, Nicholas. Sonia had a great time with her aunt, uncle, and cousin!

Sonia and Nicholas did the classic "parallel play" that babies do-- they didn't so much play with each other as play near each other-- and there was quite a bit of toy stealing (of course Sonia was always the stealer!). It was a teeny bit stressful keeping Sosi from mauling Nicholas.... The 3 1/2 month age difference is still pretty significant at this point! We did get a glimpse of the future, though. When Sonia wants to show that she likes someone or something, she crawls up to him/her/it and lays her head down on top of him/her/it. Pillows, cats, Mommy, Daddy, and her sleep sack all get this treatment. I saw Sonia attempt to do this to Nicholas several times! Soon, they'll be bestest buddies. In this picture, Sonia was trying to steal an Easter egg from her cousin. Rude!!!

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! In this picture, we think Nicholas was channeling Jerry Lee Lewis kinda like Sonia did with the piano on her play table.


Holy cow, my nephew is cute-- and talented! Nicholas crawls like a champ and was busy perfecting his pulling up skills while he was here with us in Illinois. We had to be on high alert to try to prevent as much noggin-conking as possible!

Li'l buddy took an instant interest in the tunnel-- no hesitation at all!

The weather on Sunday was nice enough for us to take the babies to Kingston Park to swing. It was Nicholas's first time in a baby swing, and he seemed to enjoy it. Sonia thought it was really fun to swing next to her friend.

We busted out the baby sunglasses, and Sosini & Nicholas humored us just long enough to take a couple of pictures. If they had any idea how adorable they look in shades, they'd leave them on all day long!

Thanks for visiting, Ali, Daniel, and Nicholas-- we had a wonderful time and can't wait to see you again!


The Lease Family said...

I love the "parallel play" comment. That was so the case when I had the girls weekend with my friend and her little one. Lots of parallel play with the occasional face poke and cheek kiss. :)

Ali said...

LOVE the JLL photo-- too, too funny. We had such a great time and love you guys so much!