Thursday, May 13, 2010

One year old: a state of the baby address (and a birthday play date!)

Sonia went to the pediatrician today for a checkup and immunizations, and she got a glowing report from Dr. Murphy. At 31 inches and 24 pounds 14 ounces, Sonia is still in the 95th percentile for both height and weight. Dr. Murphy says that's not bad-- Sosini is just a big girl! We have the go-ahead to feed Sosi nut products (yay, peanut butter!) and honey. Woo hoo!

Check out the picture Grandma Jojo sent to Sonia for her birthday today.... Love it!!!

Sosini has been perfecting her cruising techniques and enjoying pushing toys/furniture/walkers around like a little armadillo. I think she'll be walking within a month or two. Also, she is soooooooooo close to talking. When her Grandpa Dick and Grandma Jenni were here this past weekend, we were pretty sure that she was saying "mama" and "dada" meaning me & Andrew, but we're still trying to gather more evidence. Another development of note is that Sonia is attempting to break the record for loudest baby on the planet. She can yell "YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA" loud enough to shake the walls. Oh, my....

Now on to another of Sosini's birthday celebrations! Some of her little buddies from our play group came over to our house on Tuesday to play and eat cupcakes. As usual, chaos and fun ensued.

The tunnel was a huge hit with the kids!

Thanks for helping us celebrate, everyone!

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Susan M. Nelson said...

Happy Birthday, Sonia!
Love, Fiona and Whitney