Monday, May 24, 2010

Sonia versus the spoon, round 3

Ohhhhhhhh, Sonia. She wants to participate in spoon feeding, but her coordination is a bit, shall we say, lacking. Carrot facial!

I think part of the problem on the day we took these pictures was that Sosini was very tired.... We're pretty sure that her sleeping problems lately have been due to molar teething pain. My poor baby has been in obvious discomfort, and I wish I could hug the pain away! Come on molars-- make your appearance. Please. Help a baby (and a mommy and a daddy) out.


Niki said...

She's not feeding herself. She's trying to put on makeup.

Joslyne said...

I think orange is a good color on her.

JLo said...

I don't think Caitlin ever really bothered feeding herself with a spoon, as soon as she was old enough to eat food she could pick up we gave up on the pureed stuff. I just bought one of those Annabel Karmel books on feeding babies and toddlers if you are interested in borrowing it...I'm not going to need it for a while!