Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Luckiest Little Girl

We kicked off Sonia's month-long birthday celebration with a visit from her Grandma Jenni and Grandpa Dick (Andrew's parents). Sonia opened presents from them, my parents, and Andrew's sister & her family. Sosinini loves all of the gifts-- thank you, everyone! She is one lucky little girl.

Future pianist (that is, if her Daddy will let her play):

First baby doll! We named her Ruby. Note also the beautiful and hilariously poofy tutu!

Sonia is hopelessly addicted to this awesome tunnel (which smooshes down to almost nothing-- fabulous!!). We have caught Margie Cat sleeping in it several times already.... Cuckoo cat!

Alphabet Pal! Sonia loooooves pushing the buttons....

Pop-up birthday bug book!

Sonia can't wait to go to the zoo in her new wagon.... She and a friend can chill in the seats (that even have little seat belts) with their sippy cups in the cupholders. Super-swank!

After we got her head spinning with all of her gifts, we stuffed her full of cake. Predictably, she thinks cake is AWESOME!

Sonia took a little break from celebrating her birthday to color me a really sweet Mother's Day card.... Andrew framed it for me, and I hope Sonia will make me a new one every year. I love it!

In less than 24 hours, Sonia will have been out in this great big world for exactly a year. We love our apple-cheeked beauty!


JLo said...

What a great collection of gifts she has there, such a lucky girl!

The Lease Family said...

Those are some great gifts she received. Rose has one of those tubes and LOVES it. Peek-a-boo is always more fun apparently through the tube. lol! She will peek through one side and just sit there waiting for someone to peek through the other end. :)

Joslyne said...

good LORD! The picture of her in the wagon and the one with her in the birthday hat are enough to undo me. SHE IS SOOOOO CUTE!