Friday, December 11, 2009


Apologies to those who already saw this on Facebook, but I wanted to post the picture of Sosi's triumphant Santa visit on the blog as well. She was such a good girl! No smiles, but that was just because she was way too interested in all of the kids and lights and colors and sounds and smells and Mommy jumping up and down trying to get her attention and.... and.... and.... well, you can see that any baby would be filled to the brim with curiosity.

Sonia asked for teeth, hair, and a longer dress for Christmas. Why do they sell baby dresses without the cute little underpants to wear underneath?!? I do love the tights with mary jane shoes painted onto them. That Santa was awesome-- real beard and everything!


Niki said...

A pony! A pony!! Sonia wants a pony!!!

Spike said...

Sonia says, "I'll humor you, Mommy, but I'm not really sure about this fat guy."
Grandma JoJo