Sunday, July 17, 2011

Texas fun

8 days of swimming, triple-digit temperatures, reading, hanging out with family, swimming some more, singing incessantly, getting tickled, eating ice cream cones, and having a ton of fun.....  Our vacation in Texas was Sonia's idea of heaven!  Here are the best of the best of the best of the pictures we took....

Wearing the brand-new strawberry dress from Grandma JoJo:

Wearing Grandpa Dick's glasses:

Dancing with Uncle Daniel:

Riding the black bear at Grandma Jenni & Grandpa Dick's house:

Watering flowers with Grandma JoJo:

Smiling like Alfred E. Neuman:

Putting dinosaur stickers all over Grandpa Dick and herself:

The two train engineers:


Wearing Mr. Potato Head's glasses:

A sweet moment with Grandpa Spike, looking in the pass-through fireplace:

Love those swimmies and pool noodles!

Smooching the big penguin at Grandma Jenni & Grandpa Dick's house:

And here is a great picture of 5 of the 6 living Brothers Malahowski, in age order from oldest to youngest: Dick (Richard), Roy, Neil (Ralph), Russ, and Bob (Robert).  Randy, the 6th brother, was unable to attend.  It was so great to see almost all of Andrew's awesome uncles!

Thank you to everyone who made our week in Texas so great!  Our time there flew by...  We lived in luxury at my parents' new house in Southlake-- even though they had only been living in the house for 2 weeks, my parents had unpacked and decorated so much that it almost looked like they had been there for years!  My parents' house is about 25 minutes away from Andrew's parents' house, which is really handy.  We're not going to miss that long flight between Chicago and LA (where my parents used to live).

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