Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas with the Mister and the Sister, part 2

Jolly young Saint Nicholas came to visit on Christmas morning! I could not stop giggling every time I looked at my nephew in this fantastic outfit.

This is the first present we've ever let Sonia attempt to open. She liked the shiny paper! The little Christmas elf needed a bit of opening help from her mommy, though. Sonia loved all of her presents!

We got Nicholas two books by Mo Willems ("Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale" and "Leonardo the Terrible Monster") as well as a stuffed Leonardo the Terrible Monster doll. The books are as big as Nicholas! That's okay-- he'll grow into them. Mo Willems is fantastic-- you should totally check him out! He used to write for Sesame Street (no wonder we love his books).

On the day after Christmas, we took Sosini to open play at Gymboree in Southlake. We had the whole place almost to ourselves! Everyone had Christmas hangover, we think. Sosi had a great time, though!

The crazy amount of fun Sosi had at her grandparents' house with the Malahowski side of her family was truly epic. For 4 1/2 straight days, she squealed, smiled, cooed, jabbered, and oh-- did I mention smiled? I thought her face was going to freeze that way! She loves her Grandpa Dick, Grandma Jenni, Aunt Ali, Uncle Daniel, and cousin Nicholas. She may not have slept as well as she did at home, but she did really well eating solid food and being a happy little girl.

One more picture and tale from our trip-- Daniel had free 1st class upgrades (he travels for a living) that were going to expire on the last day of the year, so he threw a couple our way! We were already traveling on a 777 (one of the bigger planes out there), so first class was really, really luxurious! Sonia broke her streak of fuss-free traveling, though-- she had two bouts of fussiness that I'm sure annoyed the other first class passengers, but I was able to calm her within 5 or 10 minutes. I'm definitely putting that first class boarding pass in her baby book! She may look dour in this picture, but trust me-- she had a great time. Thanks again, Daniel!

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