Friday, December 18, 2009

Learning and re-learning

During the last week or so, Sonia forgot how to roll from her back to her front. It was funny-- she knew she wanted to do it, but she couldn't figure out how to complete the roll. But this morning, she remembered! She proceeded to roll from her back to her front (and then to her back again) about 20 times in a row. Back and forth, back and forth. She was so proud of herself! Here's a short little video of her accomplishment:

We'll see if she still remembers how to do it tomorrow!


SWMama said...

F forgot how to roll over for about a month... it was like she did it, and then thought, oh well, been there done that, what's next. As new parents, it kind of stressed us out. And then we got over it. :)

Valerie said...

Rose was like that with rolling from her belly to her back. She did it a few times then once she learned the back to belly roll she never did the belly to back roll again for about 3 weeks. Now she uses both to get around the floor and reach whatever she wants. ie toy, remote, bottom of the couch etc... Goof. If its in front of her she gets frustrated and screams because she can't crawl yet but if its off to the side of her watch out! However she has modified the belly to back maneuver into getting up on her hands and falling over onto her back. Tonight she did that maneuver and conked her head on the way down. She looked a little started then continued the roll. :)